Sunday, May 18, 2008


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Monday, April 21, 2008


“Wow!!! She is looking great.” , I whispered to myself. And then I thought she heard it because as soon as I whispered to myself she looked at me. I was embarrassed thinking that she heard what I said and out of fear was looking down. She was coming straight towards me. I thought my bad luck has started. I was saying all the kind abusive words available in the Hindi dictionary as she was approaching me.

She screamed, “PAAAAARTH” and pushed me to the side. I was like “ Oh! Come on. I only said you are looking great. What the hell you hitting me for? ”

But thankfully I didn’t have courage to say this to her. Lying down I saw Sneha howling on the person who would have been the reason for end of my life. Not actually end, but yes at least I would have been injured. A truck was backing up and the driver didn’t know that I was just behind his truck. I stood up and went straight to Sneha. I was standing and just looking at the driver. She looked at me for a moment and continued howling on the truck driver.

“Agar uspar chadha dete to? Dikhta nahi hai kya?(if you would have killed him….Can’t you see?)” screamed Sneha. Wow she was fighting for me!

“arey woh khud bhi to pata nahi kidhar khoya hua tha….back horan isiliye to lagaya hua hai.(he himself was also not paying attention. I got the back horn for this purpose. But he ain’t listening.)” ,responded the driver.

He was right. I wasn’t paying attention to the back horn of his truck. I was paying attention to Sneha. She continued for sometime. And my father came. I just don’t know why he is always there when I didn’t want him to. “You are OK, son?”, he asked showing some concern. “Ya. I am OK.” I answered. My mother was standing behind him. My shirt was a little bit torn at the elbows. She held my hand and inspected the wound.

“I don’t know what you keep thinking when you are walking.” , taunted my mother as always. I got this same taunt number of times and yes from my mother.

“Aunty . Let me take him inside and apply antiseptic.” Asked Sneha. “OK beta. So sweet of you.” , replied my mother. It was like dream come true. At least I could talk to her somehow, if my brain permits.

She took me to her room and asked me to sit. I chose her comfortable bed. I have been to her room when we were in school. But it had been quiet a time after that. I haven’t been to her home for a long time. I was shy and because of this I didn’t go to any girl’s house without a reason. School gave me many reason’s to go to her house. But school was over now. But I wished I could make more reasons which most of my friends did sooo easily.

But I was one hell of a shy boy.

Finally she came back with a bottle of antiseptic and some cotton and a cream. I just stared at her until she looked back at me. My head dropped down quickly. I wished she didn’t get it wrong. She didn’t.

“Kya soch raha tha ?( what were you thinking?)” , finally she started the conversation.

Main…kya???...kab?? (Me….what….when??)”, I fumbled as usual.

“Truck se takarake marne ka irada hai kya?( you want to die under the truck?)”, another question. But this time I had an answer for it. “Nahi(No)”

“Achha chhodo . Yeh batao how are studies going on? (Never mind. How are studies going on?)”

“hmmmmm. Thik chal rahi hain.( going good) “. This time I wasn’t shy replying because this question came up to me several times since the start of my classes. I always faked that I went to classes. And thankfully no one cared.

I was about to ask about her just when her mother came. Mrs. Gupta was a housewife. She was a caring lady or at least she showed it.

“Sneha and Parth come out now. What you people doing?”, she said. I thought 'What was she thinking?' But then I understood that she talked about the function.

Sneha replied quickly and was going out just when I took a deep breath and said ‘thank you’. And she smiled. Wow!! She looked even more beautiful.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


"Parth!!Wake up!" familiar with my mothers voice till now, I woke up. But to my surprise, it was not a Sunday today. I yelled from inside of my room,"Mom I don't have tests on weekdays." This time it was my father,"Wake up now!I don't want to be late in Mr. Gupta's son's marriage party."
I came out of room disappointed.

Mr. Gupta was my father's colleague or better he was my father's boss. They both were classmates in college. But somehow my father was working under him. I usually hated Mr.Gupta for his formal behavior. And now I hated him more. He ruined my daily routine. He had his wife, son and a daughter-SNEHA.

She was the only reason I was going there. She was with me in my school. We were classmates. I wanted to be more than that. But I was always shy in front of girls. And even more in front of her. She was beautiful. But more importantly, she was very much the type of the girls I liked. Simple, no make up, talkative etc etc. She easily qualified for me. But I never qualified for her.
I was the worst possible boy to make a boyfriend.

I was shy, and I was a dropper with no hope."Who will want to be with me?",I just thought and went to do everything to look handsome.

Once satisfied with my looks and sure that it was the limit I could look good, I went to the car. I was always the last person to enter the car. People thought it was my way of giving respect to my parents-to get into the car after them. But who cares?? At least not me.

So our journey to the Gupta house started and also the old Hindi songs which my father always heard. I don't know how he was able to hear to those again and again. I knew this was going to happen, so I took out my Ipod and started listening to some rock. My parents knew this has to happen. And also they didn't care. They never did. But I wished they stopped me from listening to my IPOD so as to atleast start a talk with me.

It took us about one hour to reach Gupta house. I switched off my IPOD and adjusted my hairstyle in the mirror. I didn't wanted to look like a looser in front of Sneha. I wished I had the courage to talk to her. I don't know how but my brain always malfunctioned in front of her.Finally I got out of the car. Waiting at the big gate of the Gupta house with my mother. Waiting for my father to park the car and come. My mother waiting because of the theory of entering with the family. But I was just waiting so that I can enter the house and see Sneha.

Finally my father came. Without saying a word we three entered the Gupta house. There she was-My Crush.The most beautiful person for me.

Friday, March 28, 2008


As usual i woke up at ten. Getting ready to do my work took me about an hour. I took my lunch with me to the computer room. I was very work oriented person. Didn't wanted to waste my time. So, I started to do my work-chatting. Switched on my P.C. and signed into the messenger. Begining wasn't good. I didn't have anyone of my friends online. I expected Nida to come online. A little bit frustated, I thought i can wait for her.

So, i started doing everything else which I can do on the internet. I love to read interesting blogs-science and all. I was reading one blog mentioning that carbonmonooxide can help asthma patients!!!!! I said to myself ," what the hell. How can a bloody poison help the patients of asthma!!!!! Lets read on." It took me about 3 hours to go through the blog and checking about the information. Then i suddenly remembered about my job. But to my surprise, Nida wasn't online still. Now i started to think,' she has a problem. Otherwise she would have talked to me.'

I still waited for many hours. But it was the limit. I just left some offline messages to her stating that she should have come or should have told me. I was very frustated at what i have been doing all day. Out of frustation i just switched off my computer without shutting down. I was just soooo angry. But i didn't find any reason of being angry. I just went to sleep and waited for anyone to call me to have food.

'Parth!!', my father yelled.'Come lets have dinner.' His language was always good but I suspected he didn't mean anything what he said to me. I didn't say anything-opened the door-and just went to the dining table-took my food-started watching T.V. This was my daily ruitine, so my parents were used to it. And in real I didn't care what they felt. They haven't been with me. To make it simpler they sent me to a boarding school.

I just thought about Nida and ate my food. I was still confused why she wasn't online. I said to myself,' I will ask her tommorrow.' And my father opened his mouth," we have to go the party Mr. Gupta are organising tommorrow." I just thanked god for doing all bad to me again. I was more frustated now.

'Wow!!! This HAD to happen to me.'

Saturday, February 23, 2008


"What are you doing Nida??", screamed Rafique, Nida's elder brother."This chatterbox father brought you is just a waste of time, nothing innovative in it. Just no use and still you want to use this and talk all the bullshit you can." By this time it was clear to Nida that his brother was asusual angry on her again. She was used to it.
She said sarcastically,"Anything special bhai jaan??? ya fir aap hame fir se daantne aye hain????(or if you are hear again to scold me)"
The look on Rafique's face was enough to freighten anyone, but Nida had been used to it and Rafique knew it wont cause anything to happen now. So, he said, " Abba is calling you."
"for what?"
"mujhe nahi pata(i dont know)"
"what ok??? go NOW" He stressed the word now and she knew something important is there. She went to her father.
Her father was a businessman. Infact a successful businessman. He loved his children and knew he hasn't given much time to them. Rafique was by now 34 but still unmarried. May be it was because of his nature that no one was willing to be with him.
Mr.Hussain was sitting on his sheesham chair. Sheesham is a very good wood.
Now lets get to the point......

"Papa. what do you call me for???" asked Nida.

"Beta. I wanted to talk something serious."

" Say papa."

"Now that you have completed your studies, i think you should..............."

Nida interuppted," I am not listening to this again."

"Nida you have to."

"Rafique is elder than me. Get him married first."

"He ain't getting anyone to get married and you have to listen to me now because when you did what you wanted you know what happened. That bloody Raja....that was your choice.....and what happened??? He just left you when he didnt need you. Remember what he said when I called him back?? 'I am just bored of your daughter'...and still you want to do what your heart says???"

Nida was helpless now but still she was inteligent enough.

"ok. You choose anyone but let me make the final decision . please...."

Nida knew that 'please' was enough for her father.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


'Wake up. Wake up now. Your test is at 9 and its already 8:30.', screamed my mother- Mrs. Bharti Sharma. She had been working before her marriage and now is a senior lawyer in the high court.
'I am up. Just leave me.' I virtually howled. I wasnt happy about the test. More of it because I didn't wanted to wake up so early. But offcourse I didn't study for the test. I got used to facing the failure in these test. I wished they wouldn't be on the sundays so that i wouldn't go and there would be no one to make me go. But i thought it was better as they were about once in 2 weeks, so i didn't waste all my sundays. But I had to give the tests because my parents did want me to. I thought "What's the point in giving tests without preparation?" But still who cares.

So somehow I was there at the examination hall in time. I mean just 15 minutes late. But from my point of view I was 15 minutes early as they allowed people to enter 30 minutes late. But still who cares.

I gave the test. I knew what was the result. I was half asleep during the test. But still I was confident what marks I'll get. I would have to forgive the teachers........again. I don't know why they want to play with a childs future. They said I dont have a future. WHATEVER......

So I came back-went straight to my room-started my P.C. But not to my surprise my father came behind me. 'Whats going to be the score this time?' I didnt answer and he went away. I had not been talking to him since my 12th grade result. I wasn't happy to hear that I wouldn't be getting a laptop, so I told him not to talk to me. And as he isnt at home most of the time it favours me.

So lets check who is online. Its Nida only Nida. We both are the only persons who knew how to respect each other. Or better said "How to understand each other". She wouldn't ask for the test marks. And I wouldnt ask her about her ex- boyfriend. It was a done deal. We both loved to talk to each other. She was 22 and i was just 18, but age didnt matter. We were kind of made to understand each other. So i started to chat with her.


"hello. hows u parth?"

" u know how i m. i just came after giving that bloody test."


"dont laugh.....i m not happy"

" ok ok srry yaar"

" i was waiting for u."

"i know it"

"oh shit my brother is comin. i gtg. bubye catch u later. take care. muaah:)"

Dang!!! This is going to be another of those bad days.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Its morning now. A beautiful morning. As beautiful as it gets at around 10:00 am. So, as usual, Parth wakes up(in a shock offcourse). But he is glad that he missed his classes. Parents have admitted him in a coaching institute for the preparation of IIT-JEE. But he was a rare customer there. Rare here means whenever he goes to attend classes most people think of him as a new addmission. Thats why he doesnt have friends there and that is why he doesnt like to go there. All his school friends have either got in to good colleges or into bad colleges as Parth thought of them. But our Parth didnt got good colleges and didnt wanted to go into the so called bad colleges. So his parents sent him for this very coaching institute putting there well earned money into his fees. But who are they to govern him, anyways they also dont have time for there kid. Did i say KID???? Oh! I am so sorry becouse he is no more a kid. He is an adult now.
Lets leave the story to him.


'Ahhhhh!!! no one's there.I am lonely and free. Lets see whose online. This bloody computer just takes a lot of time. Ok!!', i said to myself. 'So Nida is online! lets talk.' I said typing "Hi".
The reply came "hows u?". And we talked to each other for about 2 or may be 3 hrs. I was just passing my time moreover on the internet, talking to this girl she said was from Delhi. She looked sweet. Atleast for the internet. Because whatever internet shows maximum times its not right. But still you never know. But i just passed my time because i didnt have anything else to do. We knew each other very well. I told her how i am feddup of my coaching and she told me how she was feddup of her elder brother who kept eye on her wherever she went and more issues concerning both our family.
Then I said "bubye" and went to the bathroom for the natures call. Oh what a funny name given to peeing. I wished i had a laptop so that i would be able to chat in the bathroom too. But my parents wont let that happen even if they have a lot of money. I dont know what they want to do of that money other than spending it on there only child i.e me. They can spent it on that bloody institute which there son doesnt want but they cannot spend it on a laptop which i always have wanted.